Voter ID bill in front of lawmakers

Posted at 6:32 PM, Mar 02, 2017

A voter identification constitutional amendment is in front of lawmakers Thursday afternoon, as Nebraska is just one of 18 states that does not require any form of ID when voting.


“People feel that their vote doesn't count, when nearly half of all Americans believe that their votes is being diluted by illegal votes. We have a serious problem,” said Senator John Murante.


A problem Murante says he wants to fix-by proposing a constitutional amendment, LRCA1, to require a photo-identification when you vote. Others proponents who spoke out at the hearing feel the same way saying voter fraud exists.


While many proponents admit there really aren't any findings here in Nebraska, the problem persists.


However the majority of those testifying against this bill say it will decrease voter turnout and disproportionally affect minorities and some Nebraskans don't have the resources to acquire a photo ID.


Some who actually worked the polls on Election Day said they trust the system already.


If this constitutional amendment passes the legislature and Governor Pete Ricketts signs off on it, ultimately voters will have the final say.


This issue would be up to voters in the 2018 November elections. Voter fraud is considered a felony in Nebraska.