Voters to decide on $45 million bond for Douglas County

Posted at 10:26 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 23:26:16-04

Next Tuesday, voters will hit the polls and one of the ballot items is a $45 million bond issue.

The bond will go towards upgrades for first responders.

“People are voting for their own public safety,” said Douglas County Commissioner James Cavanaugh. 

“The technology we have at the 911 center, in the police vehicles, and fire stations around the county are dated and they are not getting any newer,” he said.

Cavanaugh said there are dozens of plans for how the money will be used.

Some plans include upgrading the counties 911 center and moving into a new building, updating the correction center, and updating the radios system used.

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“The equipment we have now is approaching 15 years old and anyone who has electronics know that they break down,” said Chief Deputy Tom Wheeler.

Wheeler said their current system will only last until 2018, so they have to upgrade.

Commissioner Cavanaugh said they are asking for voters to pass the bond because it doesn't require a property tax increase.

“The things we are fixing are not going to fix themselves. We have to do these things one way or another and it was our idea that we wanted to do it, if possible, without a property tax increase,” said Cavanaugh.

The county is relying on bonds to pay over the years and they are confident they won't have to raise taxes in that time.

For more information on the bond you can click here.