Wahoo teacher thankful to be back teaching...

Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-01 19:54:06-05

Wahoo resident Kim Brigham is an inspiration to her Nebraska town.  The beloved high school art teacher was diagnosed with brain cancer last January.  Kim’s battle with cancer quickly became a community battle.

“Really the community and the staff came together to support the family and it has been pretty special,” said Wahoo High School Principal Jason Libal. 

Back in July, Kim told KMTV that it was extremely tough to step away from the classroom and miss half a school year.

After spending a semester in bed, Kim says she made it her goal to be back teaching by the first day of school. 

“The kids welcomed her back with open arms, a lot of hugs.  Then it was really just back to business, it’s what Kim does,” said Libal. 

“It feels good to back doing what I like to do,” said Kim Brigham.

Students and staff say there was no doubt Kim would be back. 

“I knew she'd find a way to do it,” said Mallory Lindstorm.

Wahoo High School Principal Jason Libal says Kim exemplifies his school's mascot.

“The fact that she is back in the building teaching, back after her illness, really signifies that she is a warrior,” said Libal. 

Kim teaches full days while still going through chemotherapy.

“I’m on chemo, it is five days on and 23 days off,” said Brigham. 

Kim admits it's tough to teach and fight brain cancer at the same time, but she says she is finally getting back into her routine. 

“Sometimes I get to the end of the week and I’m tired, but not terribly tired.  It seems like each week it gets better,” said Brigham.

Kim says being in the classroom helps her battle with cancer; her students give her another reason to fight.