Wakeboarding farmer nets a lot of social media attention

Posted at 11:26 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 00:28:21-04

Nearly five inches of rain have fallen in Tekamah since last week. That has left some farmers standing on the sidelines, but not Quentin Connealy. 

Connealy told us he's about three weeks late this planting season. They started May 6th and are about 75% done. He says it's been a really slow start. He also is not sure how much they'll have to replant once all this rain subsides. 

"I was driving around, checking ditches and tubes, to make sure the water was going off and watching the water in the fields. And all of a sudden the idea came to me, I might as well do something," Connealy said.

He sure did something! 

Connealy called up a couple teens he coaches and his uncle on Saturday.  

He's been wakeboarding and waterskiing for about 15 years. He put on a life jacket and had his uncle tow him using an ATV. He wakeboarded in the ditches. 

They recorded the video on Saturday. By Monday afternoon, it had received more than two million views. 

Connealy says he measured the water before he went out. 

He planned on recording it and posting it social media. He hopes it creates positive attention for Nebraska farmers. He says, "We have fun out here. We work hard, but we also play."

Connealy says the fields flood from time to time and typically drain quickly. But he'll likely always remember that time he had a blast as he waited for mother nature to cooperate.