Walk and Roll for Disabilities Raises Money for Programs

Posted at 11:35 AM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 12:35:09-05

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month – the perfect time for one organization to hold a unique race.  And whether you walk, roll, or march, there’s a place for you at the 13th annual Walk and Roll for Disabilities.

The race benefits the Meyer Foundation for Disabilities, which works with adults aged 21 and over.

“Once an individual turns 21, they lose a lot of the social connections that they had because they’ve aged out of the educational not only do our programs help provide fun things for them to do, but it also helps with social interaction so they can be around their peers,” explained Mary McHale, President of the Meyer Foundation.

This year, the walk included special guests from the 501st Central Garrison and Omaha Street Percussion.

Vice President and mom Debra Timm is excited for her 20-year-old son Matt to enjoy these opportunities next year.

“If we don’t have these programs for these adults and young adults there’s really not a lot for them to do...He’s very excited, he can’t wait to try cooking club and to do the Next Chapter Book Club,” said Timm.

The money raised will help pay for the cooking club and book club and a golf tournament later this year.

“It’s just a great atmosphere for not only our families, but also our friends to see that we’re more alike than different, and individuals with disabilities are capable of doing so many things.  And we as parents want those same opportunities for our children,” said McHale.

This year’s race was the Foundation's largest ever, drawing more than 500 participants and raising more than $45,000.  You can still donate by going to