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Walnut Hill community curious about looming land deal

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-30 19:18:10-05

A possible land deal involving the Walnut Hill reservoir in Omaha has people in the area near 40th and Hamilton streets curious about what might be taking its place. 

MUD currently owns the property, which OmahaMunicipal Land Bank has expressed interest in purchasing. That would enable a private developer to come in and build at the location. 

"We approached MUD and asked them that very question and they now have it under advisement as to whether or not they would ever sell it or possibly give it away to some developer," said Marty Barnhart, Executive Director of the Omaha Municipal Land Bank. 

According to the bank's website, more public engagement opportunities are planned regarding two land parcels along Hamilton Street for sale — one 36th Street and another at 41st Street. Concerned residents are encouraged to fill out a contact form if they would like to be notified about these events.

Some who live in the area are intrigued about what could happen to the land. 

"It's almost unanimous that the neighbors would like to see the eastern of the reservoir remain park land," said life-long resident Dan Lindsay. 

Other neighbors hope the current park will expand onto where the reservoir sits now, "I would like to see it remain, if they do take the reservoir out the whole entire park would be really nice to have," said Michele Holtze.

A public meeting on the matter is scheduled for 6:30-8 p.m. Monday at the 40th Street Theatre, located at 4006 1/2 Hamilton St.