Warm Weather: Is this a false Spring?

Warm Weather: Is this a false Spring?
Warm Weather: Is this a false Spring?
Posted at 12:26 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 18:28:32-05

Many around Nebraska have been enjoying the unseasonably warm temps this week, but we aren't out of the woods yet for winter.

Thursday temps hit 67 degrees, breaking a record for Feb. 16 in place since 1981.

Action 3 News meteorologist Ryan McPike says while there have been bitter cold nights, there hasn't been a series of hard freezes. Bugs have been able to survive and you might already be seeing them out and about. Some plants are starting to bloom again and grass in some spots is greening.

Allergies might even become an issue later in the week after several warm days around the 50s and above. Tree and weed pollen are at low levels now, but even a slight increase would be unconventional for this time of year.

Dr. Brett Kettelhut of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Associates says the inevitable spring tree pollen will stick around for awhile.

"Anytime you have a warm-up this early, you'll have increased amounts of tree pollen and patients will become more symptomatic," Kettelhut said.
He also says, with warmer days ahead, to keep in mind over-the-counter allergy medicine typically takes 2 to 3 days before its effective.

This winter has also had very little snowfall, compared to previous years. Between the warm weather and the lack of snow, many already have spring fever. But, McPike says not to rule out another bout of winter weather, including snow and bitter cold temps.

Snowfall and deep freezes aren't uncommon in March and April.