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Warmer weather coming this weekend

Posted at 5:30 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 18:30:19-05

Warmer days are ahead as the final days of winter set in.

"It feels great to get some vitamin D in," said Luan Nguyen.

But not so fast, Nguyen says this may not be the end.

"Been living here for 13 years, it's summer one day, snow one day and winter all over again," said Nguyen.

While you can't call it hot, Nguyen calls this good.

"40 degrees in the winter is warm for me, so this is perfect weather," said Nguyen.

With Nebraska's weather being so tricky, Nguyen says he takes his three kids out regardless.

"We are very active, so I take the kids out a lot even in winter," said Nguyen.

Looking after two toddlers and a baby while mom works, this warm day is what Nguyen says they needed.

"It's a good day to take them out and burn off some energy," said Nguyen.

People were also out golfing for the opening day at Johnny Goodman golf course.

"I'm really excited, I saw it on the news, so I was ready to get back out here," said Hunter Tessin.

Tessin says he's sharpening his skills for the season.

"I'm off school on Friday's, and so I'm just ready to get back on the golf course since it's nice out," said Tessin.

Even though Tessin says he's a fan of the cold, he can only play his favorite sport when it's warm out.

"I actually like snow too, but since it's starting to get warm out I'm ready for the warm weather to come back so I can keep playing," said Tessin.