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Dapper Donuts hosts grand opening

Posted at 7:35 AM, Jul 10, 2020

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — If you are a pastry lover, we've got just the thing for you. A donut shop is putting a bit of style in the way they do donuts. Our 3 News Now reporter Danielle Davis was at Dapper Donuts for their grand opening on Friday.

DANIELLE: I am here at 168th and Q St. for the grand opening of Dapper Donuts. Now they are inside right now, making up those donuts. I tell you what, I wish there was such a thing as smell TV because it smells amazing here. Only a little dap will do.

Dapper donuts makes only mini donuts so they do think a little differently here, but to talk about that Ivy Green is going to tell us about that.

DANIELLE: Ivy it takes you donuts a little bit longer, correct?

IVY: Yes, so our donuts are made fresh to order, and so what you lose in convenience and time when you go somewhere like Krispy Kreme, you gain quality and value.

DANIELLE: The you guys have toppings; let's talk about those.

IVY: Yes, so we top all of our donuts with fresh-made drizzles that we make in shop every single day. They range from carmel to chocolate to strawberry. We also have things like sprinkles and fresh fruit, like bananas, blueberries and strawberries that we top all of our donuts with.

DANIELLE: Now I went to Facebook, and people are already talking about- because they had a opening- the bananas foster and fruity pebble donut.

IVY: Yeah, the bananas foster is one of our most popular. It's coated with caramel and cinnamon drizzle, as well as bananas and graham crackers. And my personal favorite is the fruity pebbles with the vanilla drizzle and fruity pebbles.

DANIELLE: I'm a bananas foster dessert person, so I know I'm going to love those. Now people actually come just to watch you guys decorate.

IVY: Yeah, for sure. We actually just got our glass put in so kids and adults are able to watch our donuts be made right in front of their face. Which is great because the kids love it, and its fun for the adults.

DANIELLE: Now they also have artisan coffee here. What do you do differently with your coffee?

IVY: Well, its brewed locally at a local company. So we make it fresh in store, we brew it every morning at 6:30 and we add hazzlenut, french vanilla and caramel flavors. We also offer a variety of other refreshments, such as refreshers, blended caramel drinks, blended mocha drinks, orange dreamsicle and donut milk shakes.

DANIELLE: What's really cool is that they actually put the little donuts on top of the refreshers right?

IVY: On top of our blended drinks we do. They're little cinnamon sugar, so they're really fun for people to post pictures of because they're really cute.

DANIELLE: No, also what's really cool is if you have a birthday or corporate event coming up, you guys also rent out your donut machine.

IVY: Yeah, for sure. If you have a special occasion, we'd love to have you come in store, talk to us and we'll cater your next event. And we'll bring out donut machine to you and cater on site.

DANIELLE: That is so wonderful. Like I said, today is the grand opening. They're going to have a big parking lot party. Kids can come and get their face painted; there's little cute balloon animals that I always try to put together but can never make it. So come on down, and if you are a donut lover you do have to get here early because you guys aren't open all night right?

IVY: No, We're open today from 7am to 6pm. We're open all week days on those hours. And then Sundays we're open from 8am to 4pm.