Ways to avoid wrecks after crash-filled 1st snow

Posted at 5:34 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 18:39:43-05
The first snowfall of the season Saturday caused several crashes across the metro.
In one crash, a man lost both legs and a woman lost a leg when a driver going too fast for the road conditions slammed into them.
Police are reminding drivers of Nebraska’s move-over law, to help keep people safe on the highway.
It’s a simple law that can save lives.
The move over law requires drivers to change lanes if there is a stalled vehicle accompanied by emergency vehicles or a tow truck on the side of the highway.
"It’s very important to stay alert, don't be distracted and always give that person who is in that emergency lane an extra margin of safety by giving the courtesy of moving over," said Rose White, Nebraska AAA.
Monday, KMTV filmed a driver not moving out of the way of an emergency vehicle – that’s against the law and can carry a $100 fine.
"First offense is a traffic citation,” said Sgt. Doug Klein. “Second offense is a misdemeanor crime. On top of that are legal ramifications." 
Not moving out of the way for a stalled vehicle can be deadly, Kein said.
"I don't know anyone who would want that on their conscience if they hit somebody and seriously injured or killed them," Klein said. 
White has this advice if you're stalled in a bad spot on an interstate or highway. 
"If you're in a dangerous spot and you do not feel comfortable, what I do advise is call law enforcement,” White said. “Indicate that you're in an area where you're disabled. Give them your location and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to provide that extra assistance." 
Driver Sara Michael says the move over law should go further and apply to vehicles broken down in general. 
"I do think it is just common sense, and if it's not it should be," Michael said. “It shouldn't have to be in writing, but it clearly needs to be in writing and it needs to be something that the public is made more aware of." 
Both police and AAA recommend drivers who are stalled in a terrible spot, such as in a lane or median, should stay in their vehicle, leave the seatbelt on and call 911.