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'We help them be the best they can be': Boys Town opens first physical therapy facility

Posted at 6:19 PM, Nov 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 19:19:45-05

BOYS TOWN, Neb. (KMTV) — Boys Town unveiled its new physical therapy facility on Wednesday, called the Center for Human Performance Optimization, which includes high-tech equipment that ultimately will help those with mobility issues such as cerebral palsy.

“Really all the equipment here is designed just to give you the opportunity to move and explore movement in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise,” said Brad Corr, Associate Director for Physical Rehabilitation.

The facility is the first physical therapy facility Boys Town has and is going to work hand in hand with the Institute of Human Neuroscience right across the street, tailoring the workouts for each individual person.

“So based on how people respond and some of the neuro bio-markers on how the brain changes in response to therapy, we use that information to tell us what maybe worked with therapy and what didn’t,” said Corr.

So as Corr says the center will be used to help individual people become more mobile, while also providing neuroscience research that can be used around the world.

“Most will have one or the other. They’ll have a clinical practice, or they’ll have a research institute but never do they have it in the same place,” said Corr.

Typically it can take over a decade to study and publish findings in the field, but due to the collaboration between the center and the research facility, it can be done at Boys Town much quicker.

“And so then the translation is a matter of real-time rather than a matter of years and than we can produce out beyond the walls of Boys Town,” said Corr.

Corr says the goal is to optimize, not normalize people’s movement, trying to help people move, the best way they can.

“They were given this body so instead of trying to make them normal, we help them be the best they can be with what they’ve been given,” said Corr.

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