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Weather in the way of weekend plans

Posted at 6:17 PM, Apr 06, 2018

Some people are canceling their weekend plans because of the snow.

The winter like forecast this Friday is putting a real damper on things.

"Thought it was going to be 60's and 70s and beautiful," said Mary Dunlay.

Leaving a lot of people confused, and throwing off weekend plans.

"It's not April like, I feel like it's mid January right now," said Jeff Kast.

Kast is in town for the Scottish Higland Games in Bellevue this weekend.

"I'm from New Hampshire so this is nothing new, but I was hoping for a little more spring weather when you come to Omaha in April," said Kast.

He says he's not letting the cold stop any plans.

"We are going to power through, tomorrow is going to be nice, today is a little dusting, it's no big deal," said Kast.

Last year around this time the weather was the exact opposite.

"In the past it's been 60 to 70 degrees so it's a little change but not bad we will do it," said Josh Haggin.

A couple from baltimore is in town for their bridal shower.

"We are getting married in July and I have a bridal shower tomorrow," said Mary Dunlay.

"People are supposed to be coming in for it, so hopefully they will brave the cold and still out for it," said Dunlay.

Even with the snow there was still a lot of traffic downtown.

Those shaking it off say they'll stay optimistic for sunnier days.

"Hoping we are done and spring will actually show itself," said Haggin.