Westside clears tainted frosting rumors

Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 15, 2016

"There are so many pieces of this petition and post out there that is just false," said Westside spokesperson Brandi Petersen.

Petersen says she's clearing the air.

Although they cannot speak publicly about the punishment, Petersen says don't believe everything you hear.

 "We know that there are so many inaccurate statements out there that we want families to know that we are addressing this, we are not trying to hide anything,” Petersen said.

“We are following federal law that we can't discuss the consequences these students will face," Petersen said.

Petersen says what the school will do is separate from what prosecutors may do.

"We have no influence on what they could potentially be charged with that's not our decision as a school district," Petersen said.

Students I spoke with earlier this week say they are outraged by their classmates actions and a severe punishment needs to take place.

"This isn't normal, no human being says I’m going to feed someone my bodily fluids," said student Erandi Ortiz.

Although many are frustrated Petersen says she wants students, parents and staff to trust how the district is handling this.

"If any students feels threatened, if they have concerns about this even if it just bothers them we have counselors on hand,” Petersen said.