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What's driving you crazy: Normandy Hills access

Posted at 1:21 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 14:29:42-05

In Normandy Hills, a quaint development off JFK South of Fairview Road, there are concerns about access now that the area's two entrances along the JFK have been permanently closed. 

"We had two roads that were very nice, they were concrete. Two lanes in, two lanes out," resident Dennis Ryan said. 

Now a new road, South Fort Crook, is the way in and out for residents, school buses and people trying to get to storage units. 

It's a road people are not thrilled with because it is not concrete and has no shoulder. 

Ryan also added the road is very steep on both sides. 

Also, with construction continuing on the Highway 34 Interchange, it is bringing more cars to he Northbound Kennedy. 

"I know there were some serious accidents," Ryan said. "People were hospitalized." 

In addition to the rising number of accidents, resident Scott Smith says the new entrance isn't up to code because he says a development the size of Normandy Hills requires two. 

"One road is just simply not safe," Ryan said. 

The county has made a former entrance accessible with a gate and lock, but residents say getting that during an emergency would waste valuable time. 

"I don't think anyone though it through when they were designing this," Ryan said. "It was like 'well, this is a short trip, we'll just run it through her and no one will care,' well we do care."