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What's Driving You Crazy: Sarpy County board frustrated with contractor for Giles Rd. delays

Posted at 10:18 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 08:27:06-04

While Tab Construction has completed parts of the project, Giles Road west of 132nd street has now been closed for nearly 10 months. As the road nears completion, the Sarpy County Board now questions whether it will hire the contractor in the future. 

The project was supposed to take 75 working days. It's now well over 100. The county board is questioning whether they will work with Tab Construction again, with vice chair of the board Jim Warren saying in a statement "I haven't seen any urgency from Tab. I would find it extremely difficult to approve any future project with Tab Construction and the other commissioners feel the same way."

Midwest Underground Supply branch manager Jay Clark says he gets lots of calls from customers looking for a detour. 

"It is an inconvenience for our customers, especially those coming from the Millard area when they're used to taking Giles road and now they have to take a much longer way around, going through the interstate through stop-lights or get over to Cornhusker and backtrack to this area here,” says Clark. 

Tab says they went out of their way to open two phases of the project in December and blames the delays on utility companies being slow to relocate their lines. 

Tab president Bill Ringsdorf says in a statement: 

"Tab Construction is not sure why we are being called out by the Sarpy County Board without discussing the facts with engineers and the public works department."

Keri Kanger lives in a neighborhood nearby and says the delays have not affected her or the neighbors she talks to. 

"We can take Chandler, or we can take 370 or we can take Cornhusker to get out that way so for us it's not a big deal,” says Kanger.

Tab Construction says the project is winding down rapidly and that they expect everything to be completed by this coming Monday.