Where to park for President Obama's visit

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 19:36:23-05

UNO’s Baxter Arena will host President Obama’s first visit to Omaha since 2008.

“I never thought he would choose our campus to come to Omaha, and I think it's a great honor that president Obama would choose to come here,” said UNO student Elizabeth Yunker.

Uno said the parking for Wednesday’s visit will be different.

“All parking lots surround Baxter Area will be closed, so we recommend that anyone coming, please, take a campus shuttle,” said UNO’s Director of Marketing and Events, Emily Poeschl. 

The shuttles will start at 11a.m., and pick up at the Dodge campus, right along Dodge Street. There is also pick up at the Pacific campus, running along 67th street.

They will have multiple shuttles to help keep people from waiting too long.

“Please do not bring any large bag, weapons, any items deemed to impact safety, it is similar to as if you were going to the airport,” said Poeschl.

“If they want to park here too they are more than welcome too also, we love our customers,” said Joseph Amato who owns Amatos, right next door to Baxter Arena.

He said the President’s has been the talk of the week “it’s been the buzz here, it’s been the buzz all around town, I know my friends and family are talking about it.”

He said they'll be open early for those who need a bite to eat.

“We would love for people to stop in and have a sandwich and breakfast even if it's a little bit earlier.”

And maybe even President Obama would stop in himself, “it would be awesome to meet the President, even if you aren't a fan you are a fan, it's just he the President of America, and it would be really amazing to meet him in person,” said Amato.

UNO would like to remind people to park on their campuses, not Aksarben Village, even though it will be open to the public.

The doors to Baxter Arena open at 1 pm.

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