Winner take all bill proposed

Posted at 6:39 PM, Mar 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-09 19:39:39-05

Nebraska is just one of two states who separates its electoral votes during presidential elections. 

Senator John Murante wants Nebraska to follow suit with 48 other states and adopt a winner-take-all system.

Murante says it allows the State to speak with one voice—something Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale says is important when it comes to Nebraska’s interests.

Currently Nebraska has 5 electoral votes, 2 for the statewide popular vote and three for each of the congressional districts, this bill would do away with the split vote and all 5 electoral votes would combine together on which candidate wins the 5 votes based on the popular vote. 

However opponents during the hearing on Thursdayl say the current process makes them feel their vote counts.  

Senator Sue Crawford who also opposes this bill says the current process makes the presidential candidates make Omaha a stop on the campaign trail where they may otherwise skip.

If enacted this would take effect in time for the next presidential elections in 2020.