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Winter weather is rolling through Omaha metro; safety tips for walking and driving in these conditions

Posted at 7:45 PM, Dec 19, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — It's that time of year again. Winter is here and with winter comes, slick sidewalks and roads.

"Broken wrists, broken elbows, fractured hips are really common findings this time of year, and those things heal and they get better but they can be quite debilitating for a little while," said Nick Weber, physical therapist.

Weber said taking precautions early can prevent months of physical therapy.

"Get an early start. Wear proper shoe wear if possible, either boots or well-fitting shoes with hopefully good grips on the bottom," Weber said.

And if you are someone who already needs a little help walking, "For those that use assistive devices, like a cane, you can buy ice picks to attach to those to help you get around," Weber said.

Staying bundled up at home may sound the best when it's cold, but Weber said staying active this time of year is important for our bones.

"It's important to stay active, if you have access to a gym or you have a nice warm space to continue to get exercise that is really important," Weber said.

But what about when you get to your car? What should you have in your car to stay safe this winter? Having a scraper is one thing but having something as small as an emergency blanket, could make a big difference when those temperatures drop.

"Having a small compact shovel in case you get stuck is really helpful and sometimes even just a small jug of ice melt," said Sean Grant at Westlake Ace Hardware.

And it's important to use this time, before the store.

"Just remembering things so you are not stuck out in the cold. I mean you get down to minus 40 with the windchill, it can get really bad really fast for you," Grant said.

The biggest takeaway is to take your time and plan ahead, to help prevent any slips or danger while walking or driving.

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