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Witness describes moments after two victims were stabbed in his apartment complex

Posted at 9:20 PM, Oct 31, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (kmtv) — Omaha police say two people are recovering in the hospital after they were stabbed near 65th and Boyd.

One of those hurt was a one-year-old.

The baby was awake, but like crying faintly," apartment resident Detwone Smith said. "I was the most worried for her because she was barely moving."

Smith said he witnessed most of the crime. At one point he came face to face with a possible suspect , who police say ran from the scene after jumping out of a third floor window.

"He was all discombobulated," Smith said. "He try to get in my car. I cut that off. He went into the field and I was like "What's up with the window.""

Smith then heard a faint cry coming from the apartment.

"She was sitting there in a pool of blood just bleeding out... like barely making noise," Smith added.

Police arrived moments later.

He says officers busted down the door and helped get the woman and baby out of the building and to an ambulance.

Paramedics took 64-year-old Man Nu and one-year-old Lily Htaw to Nebraska Medicine.

Both are expected to live.

Smith calls it the most traumatic moment of his life, especially since he has children of his own.

"That's probably why it's hitting my heart string so heavy," Smith said. "It's the saddest thing I've seen in real life."

Police apprehended a possible suspect, who is receiving treatment from an ankle injury due to the fall.

Police add charges are still pending and this incident remains under investigation.