Woman collecting items to help Harvey victims

Posted at 10:14 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 23:22:14-04

A local woman who has family fighting Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston is asking for the public's help in donating supplies for those displaced by the catastrophe.

Amanda Pfeifer of Elkhorn is having trouble sleeping knowing her brother, Adam, is in Houston working on the front lines, coordinating a team of EMTs, in the thick of Tropical Storm Harvey.

"For him, he's looking at it as how many people are we getting out? How many people are we rescuing? These guys are putting their life on the line to help others," Pfeifer said. "We are thanking God for the small victories."

Pfeifer doesn't just want to sit back and wait for information from Adam; she wants to help anyway she can.

"Hopefully we can make a difference and bring some relief to families. My friend who got displaced with their two kids, they're thinking its going to be months until they can get back into their home," Pfeifer said. "Its going to cost them thousands of dollars."

Pfeifer enlisted the help of Liberty Tax Service. Liberty Tax is using their locations in Omaha and Council Bluffs as collection sites for items that will go to Harvey victims, according to spokesperson Maria Nadia Williams.

"anybody that has any toiletries, diapers, pet supplies, come down and bring them here," Williams said. "We have all of our offices, we have parking lots we have bodies that can help fill this. And I knew that a lot of people are affected and so we want to put all of our efforts in."

Items can also be dropped off at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Elkhorn. The first shipment leaves from Omaha Friday. Pfeifer hopes the trailer is stuffed full.

"With Tropical Storm Harvey now making landfall a second time, its only going to get worse," Pfeifer said. "When I talked to my brother this morning, all he kept saying is its bad, its really really bad."