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Woman gets probation in road rage incident that killed three

Posted at 5:05 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 19:16:27-04

Road rage seemingly happens every day on Omaha streets, but what occurred last summer near Crossroads Mall had deadly results.  On Thursday, a woman learns her punishment for her role in a horrific crash.

Rhonda Boisseau is sentenced to 1 year probation in Douglas County Court for misdemeanor willful reckless driving.  She also loses her license for 30 days, gets a $500 fine, and will take anger management classes.

Last June, Boisseau encountered a group of motorcyclists in a gas station parking lot before the crash.  She later revved the engine of her Volkswagon, and turned in close proximity of the two motorcycles at 72nd & Cass St.  The motorcycles collided with each other.  Andrew Torrice, 24, Adam Kammann, 34, and Christine Zadina, 37 lost their lives.

"She doesn't feel bad she got a slap on the wrist.  She's going to walk out of here, and she's going to go laugh, and do it again and y'all will be back here again with another family crying because they lost somebody because she's insane and nobody wants to do anything about it," said Emily Shoe, Torrice's sister.  

Boisseau's attorney pointed out that she was not directly responsible for the crash, and if she was the county attorney's office would've charged her with felonies.

If she doesn't complete her probation terms Boisseau would serve 90 days in jail.  She was also convicted of willful reckless driving in 2016.