Woman raises awareness for breast cancer in men

Posted at 11:14 AM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 12:14:47-04

“I see a lot of things everyday that reminds me he is with me, so it’s good,” said Patricia Washburn who lost her husband to breast cancer in May.


Whether it is photos, or a quilt that is almost complete, Patricia Washburn has many mementos of her late husband Marlyn.  But, the biggest reminder of Marlyn will soon be on display for everyone to see. 


“This is my one person campaign to go ahead and get the word out that men can get breast cancer,” said Washburn.


In December, 66-year-old Marlyn Washburn went in for a routine blood test, what doctors discovered was a deadly diagnosis. 


“The cancer had already metastasized," said Washburn.


Maryln had breast cancer and it had spread throughout his body and into his bones.  Washburn says her husband who watched his daughter Barbra beat breast cancer in 2014 couldn't comprehend the diagnosis.


“I knew that breast cancer was possible in men, but Marlyn did not,” said Washburn. 


It was a tough pill to swallow, but the former teacher and principal educated himself.  He learned that men can get breast cancer too. 


Marlyn came up with the idea to get a customized breast cancer awareness plate.  His wife surprised him with the plates in April.  Marlyn passed away in May and instead of just sitting in the garage, Patricia decided she is going to take her campaign to the streets.  She is turning Marylyn’s car into a moving billboard.


“People should be able to identify what the car is all about when they see it,” said Washburn.


It’s been a tough few months, but Patricia says when the car is complete in a few weeks, she will have some peace knowing her husband is still doing what he loved, educating.


“It is going to be good.  I may even park the car in front of my garage,” said Washburn.


The car should be complete on October 16th