Woman witnesses moments leading up to deadly motorcycle crash; performed life-saving operations

Posted at 11:11 PM, Jun 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 00:12:19-04

Three people are dead after a motorcycle crash late Saturday night near 72nd and Cass.

OPD says 34-year-old Adam Kammann and his passenger, 37-year-old Christine Zadina, were killed when a Suzuki bike driven by 24-year-old Andrew Torrice ran a red light and crashed into the Harley Davidson.

It happened before midnight. 

A driver who witnessed the moments leading up to deadly crash - says its not what it seems.  

3 News Now spoke with a registered nurse - Sabrina Lamb - who was one of the first people on scene.

Sabrina Lamb says she witnessed the tense moments leading up to the crash. She says it appears another driver was chasing the Suzuki motorcyle.

"Something was going on the way that car was chasing that motorcycle."

"They were going at a pretty high rate of speed and I just figured it was Saturday night you know sometimes people drink and do crazy things so at first I didn't think anything of it but I kind of  had a bad feeling," said Lamb. 

Lamb says she knew something wasn't right and followed.

"By the time I got to the intersection it had already happened and I just pulled over, got put and responded and try to save whoever I could."

Lamb says the driver of the Suzuki and the man and woman who had been on the Harley were lying on the ground visibly hurt. The Volkswagen wasn't at the scene. 

"It was pretty traumatic, it was a lot of blood, it was a lot of trauma, said Lamb.

"I stumbled across a man who had a faint pulse but it was there so I asked for a bystander to help me turn him over so I began compressions and before I knew it the squad had arrived."

All three died. 

"Whoever the driver is of that Volkswagen they should come forward and at least give their side of what happened because three lives were lost, three young lives were lost."

Lamb says she did all she could to help the victims and says she hopes the person driving the other car involved comes forward.