Would-be armed robber stopped by store...

Posted at 4:47 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 18:44:36-04

An Omaha man who chose to try to rob the wrong convenience store will serve prison time.  The brazen crime was caught on surveillance, and the manager jumps into action.

Douglas County District Court Judge Shelly Stratman sentenced 22-year-old Ronald Strickland 10-13 years in prison after pleading no contest to attempted robbery, use of a weapon, and terroristic threats.  He'll serve 7 ½ before he's eligible for parole, and has a mandatory release date in 9 years.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in October 2015 when the would-be robber barges in to the K-N-J Grocery at 33rd and California St.  Video surveillance shows the suspect put a gun in the faces of the manager, Danny Dessie, and his wife and demands money.  Dessie bear-hugged the suspect and tries to get him to the ground when he slips on some ice.   The suspect fled, but was arrested a short time later.

"He got a gun in front of my wife, something happened and if I lose my wife I'm going to have my kids without a mom you know,” Dessie explained, "I don't really recommend everybody to do like I did, like I mentioned to you before, but it just happened and I had to take action."

Police say Strickland also tried to steal a woman's car at gunpoint after going into K-N-J.

His attorney says he recently came to Omaha from Chicago where he was convicted of robbery at 16 years old.  He explained Strickland was just trying to get money they only way he knew, so he could get back to Chicago.

Dessie says he didn't need to threaten their lives to get the cash, all he had to do was ask.

"From what I heard he's trying to go back to Chicago. I wish he came straight to me and asked me for money.  I guarantee I'll buy him the bus ticket," Dessie concluded.

Strickland will get credit for 270 days served.

Dessie wanted to thank the community, and police for all the support he's received since the attempted robbery.