Young boy's support prompts officer's thank you

Posted at 10:22 PM, May 10, 2017

Last week, 11-year-old Jamison Nicholls paid tribute to fallen Pottawattamie County Deputy Mark Burbridge. Nicholls showed amazing support for law enforcement, and shared the heartbreak the community was feeling.

“It is really sad to me this has to happen,” said Nicholls.

He attended the procession for Deputy Burbridge on Monday and was amazed at the number of law enforcement and community members who showed their support.

“It shows just how much they care, and to me it meant a lot because it is not just a community of Pottawattamie County, but the entire nation is being affected,” he said.

His interview with 3 New Now last week also shared that tone, and as a result, an Omaha Police officer wrote his mother Jolene Nicholls a thank you note on Facebook.

The note said, "Let him know that officers think the world of him and he is awesome…Officers really do appreciate the little things…Other people, just like Jamison and his actions have made me smile, cry, and truly want to continue doing my job."

“It just warms my heart, an officer just saying that to me, it is really cool,” said Jamison.

His mother said she is proud of her son, his support for law enforcement made a difference for someone.
“It means a lot to officers to know that somebody so young believes in them so much,” she said.

Nicholls said he never wants the community to go through this again, “We need to straighten up and come together to help out the community.”

The 11-year-old has dreams to be a first responder when he gets older, either with the Iowa State Patrol or an EMT.