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Young Professionals look to future in "State of our City"

Posted at 10:28 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 23:28:04-05

Dozens of business leaders and young professionals looked to the future at the Greater Omaha Chamber Young Professionals' “State of our City” Thursday night. 

It was the first event of it's kind by the young professional group and it focused on starting to build a bridge of communication between young professional communities in Omaha. 

“We are allowing the conversation to happen between the young professionals and experts in that community,” Andrew Prystai, Programming Chair for the chamber YP, said. 

The meeting addressed problems young professionals face and how to recruit more 20 to40-year-olds to live and work here. 

Chamber Council of Companies co-chair Kelsey Haswell said if we start to interconnect young professionals to groups they are interested in, Omaha will have a selling point. 

“We want people to be invested in Omaha because we know that YP’s want some sort of mission they impact, and if they can do that in Omaha than all the better for our city,” she said. 

The State of our City also looked at what Omaha could do in order to draw a younger crowd, like transportation and if building a streetcar would benefit Omaha. 

“Especially for millennial and young professionals,” said Prystai. “A lot of people my age group and my peer group want to have an alternative and not drive to work every day.”

The event was a kick off to the idea of forming a conversation.