Young professionals speak on city changes

Posted at 6:32 PM, Mar 09, 2017

Mayor Jean Stothert and Heath Mello spoke to a group of young adults about the changes they want to make in Omaha, hoping to get their votes.

Both brought up city growth, adding public transportation and affordable housing, but young adults say to win them over they want more than words.

"It's one thing to be heard and there's another thing to do."

"I'm really looking forward to a mayor who is going to listen to what we are saying and execute those things."

Some say equal opportunity needs to be the topic of conversation.

"Diversity and inclusion in this city are things that are going to have to be addressed coming forward in the next few years, especially with the climate we have on a national scale."

I spoke with Omaha natives who say the city fails to include everyone in their plans.

"Growing up here, being an Omaha native I don't see a lot of emphasis on North and South Omaha.”

“I think people are more focused on Downtown and Midtown, and they leave North and South Omaha out of the box.”

Young professionals say public transportation is also a must.

"A lack of transportation, consistent transportation, is a reason why people leave the city."

They say they leave looking for a place that offers more for young adults.

"There's a perception that somewhere like Denver has more to offer people our age.”

"It's sort of a small town feel, which is fantastic, but I think we are going to have to make it feel like the city it is, in order to keep people here."