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Your Family Now: Kearney family's photo appears in Super Bowl ad

Posted at 3:23 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 20:46:21-05

Many people these days hope their photo attracts hundreds or thousands of views on social media. This past weekend, a Kearney family's photo was seen by millions. 

Eddie Wright Denny owns a photography business called EWD Photography. He's a stay-at-home dad while his wife, Amy, teaches. They have three little ones. August is 5-years-old, Hazel is 2 and Ruby is 5-months-old.

When Denny heard Kraft was asking for pictures to use in their Super Bowl ad, he set up some lights and started clicking. "I like to do fun things with the kids, and they thought it was a blast. Dad was making a mess, and then they'd pick up the popcorn, and we'd do it again," Denny said. They took dozens of shots. 

"So when I went through the pictures, and I had that one where my kids are smiling and I could see all my kids - that's the pictures I want," he said. 

He was able to submit the photo the day of the Super Bowl simply by using some hashtags on social media.


Kraft responded that it was a great picture, but he still wasn't sure it would be featured. 

Then, the 30-second #FamilyGreatly ad popped up. At the end of this line, "You showed us thousands of ways to family. There's this way. Those ways. Even that way," the Denny photo popped up. 

Denny said his phone started ringing and texts started coming in immediately. His kids may not fully understand what happened, but he's glad they'll always have this special moment.

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