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Your guide to the 2021 Omaha city elections

Omaha skyline
Posted at 4:09 PM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 22:51:51-04

In advance of city elections in Omaha on Tuesday, watch reports from 3 News Now that detail key races.

To find polling times and locations, click here.

On Tuesday night, come back and click here for results.



Read more on Stothert:


Read more on Neary:


DISTRICT 1 - Pete Festersen vs Sarah Johnson

Read more on Festersen and Johnson:

DISTRICT 2 - Ben Gray vs Juanita Johnson

Read more on Gray and Johnson:

DISTRICT 3 - Danny Begley vs Cammy Watkins

Read more on Begley and Watkins:

Race for Omaha City Council District 3: Danny Begley vs. Cammy Watkins

DISTRICT 4 - Vinny Palermo vs. Becky Barrientos-Patlan

Read more on Palermo and Barrientos-Patlan:

DISTRICT 5 - Patrick Leahy vs Don Rowe

Read more on Leahy and Rowe:

DISTRICT 6 - Brinker Harding vs Naomi Hattaway

Read more on Harding and Hattaway:

DISTRICT 7 - Aimee Melton vs Sarah Kohen

Read more on Melton and Kohen:

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