More mailbox break-ins around Omaha

Posted: 5:44 PM, Apr 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-16 18:44:35-04

Omaha police are putting out a warning, if you share a mailbox location with a bunch of your neighbors,  thieves are targeting them. 

One man believes it's obvious what they are after, checks and money. 

Crooks made their way into this mailbox sitting in Jeff Wright's yard.

"It was on my property and I didn't hear it and my dogs didn't go off, so someone knew what they were doing and were pretty quiet about it," said Jeff Wright.

He and his neighbors living along Washington and Y now have a new mailbox, which is designed to be harder to break into.

"You could actually see on the backside of it where it was all ripped and broken into, someone took a crow bar and hit it in about three to four places," said Wright.

This Applewood Heights neighborhood isn't the only place where it's happening.

In just the last couple weeks OPD says at least 11 addresses were hit.

"We are a pretty close knit family in this section, so having someone break into your property it's always concerning," said Wright.

So Wright says he won't go a day without checking his mail.

But he wants the postal service to do a better job at communicating.

"They never contacted us or anything until we went and got our mail," said Wright.

"It was a note saying we had to go to the post office to get a new key, we didn't hear anything else from them," said Wright.

With multiple break-ins happening this time of year, Wright says it's obvious what they wanted.

"It was someone looking for an IRS check, people should be smart enough to have that stuff direct deposited, then it doesn't give yay whose an opportunity to get your stuff," said Wright.