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Moving Forward: Mt. Moriah Church celebrates 134 years of serving the community of Omaha

The historic church added a new building and other upgrades
Posted at 6:58 PM, Nov 04, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. — Mt. Moriah Church has a rich history of supporting various efforts in North Omaha as well as members and non-members. It is the oldest predominantly African American Baptist Church in the city.

Every day that Pastor Lassiter walks inside the doors of Mt. Moriah Church, he is reminded of the history and what this church means to the community.

"Mt. Moriah as a church has been engaged in social justice issues from the 1920s. When the NAACP was formed, the Pastor of Mt. Moriah was a leader in that movement and the marches involved many of our members," said Dr. Ralph Lassiter, Sr. Pastor, Mt. Moriah Church.

As the church celebrates 134 years, he says staying true to the community and adapting to the needs of the people has helped them remain a cornerstone.

"Some organizations have to be able to speak truth and speak truth to power. One of the things about churches is you can depend on them to share the truth. We are not political but we do encourage individuals to make decisions that are of maximum benefit to the community," added Lassiter.

He says the church's survival can also be attributed to its ability to adapt.

"We have to be in the world but not of the world," he said.

The church has been in the location at 24th Street since the 1920s. Recently, a new building was added and there are also some renovations underway.

While north Omaha does have its fair share of vacant lots, they also have new development going on.

"There are buildings that are being upgraded...NorthEnd Teleservices, Spencer St. Barber Shop, Bud Crawford has a store and North 30th St. with 75 North," said Lassiter.

The church stands as a staple in the community — offering songs of joy and strengthening spirits.

"When people walk inside this church, they can feel the love within the hearts of the people that are here," said Pastor Lassiter.

Founded in 1887, Mt. Moriah was created to meet the economic and health needs of the North Omaha community in addition to its spiritual needs.

To view any of their past sermons visit the church's website.

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