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Moving Forward: Nebraska Enterprise Fund helps take North Omaha businesses to the next level

Posted at 7:10 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-21 20:10:52-04

OMAHA — The Nebraska Enterprise Fund's goal is to connect businesses to resources. Their 7th annual From Startup to Success event gave advice and access to resources for 70 plus businesses.

"It's significant to be here in the North Omaha area because this is an area that is mostly undeserved, so we want to get that information out there to them," said BC Clark, Director of Training for Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

"Businesses learn best from businesses. This is a chance for businesses to network and maybe they can collaborate," said Jim Reiff, Executive Director of Nebraska Enterprise Fund.

Nebraska Enterprise Fund helps businesses with just one to two employees, to those with hundreds of employees.

"A lot of them are saying, 'Wow, I am in that spot now.' So it is to give them that information...success doesn't come from sitting in our businesses all day. We have to invest back in our business and getting the knowledge that we need to invest back in our business, that is our whole goal," added Clark.

Not only do they want to help businesses survive today's landscape but look to the future.

"The more people they can hire, then that community changes and the legacy of that business changes because they have information and they can make good decisions," continued Clark.

"Giving businesses a chance to prosper, make a better living and bring legacy to family and improve the community. We are in North Omaha today but helping every business do better makes our state better," continued Reiff.

Nebraska Enterprise Fund provides business clinics as well as banking assistance, credit building and ways to expand and grow their business.

Clark said, "It changes their whole perspective. To know that someone is backing them a lot of times, they don't think anyone is here to help. But the resources are here for all of our underserved businesses."

Nebraska Enterprise Fund will be holding its BAIL (Bankers, Accountants, Insurance, Lawyers) event on October 28th. You can find more information about the event and Nebraska Enterprise Fund on its website.

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