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Moving Forward: Omaha Star Newspaper adds consumer printing to their services

The only African-American owned newspaper in Omaha adds printing services including flyers, program books and business cards
Posted at 7:00 PM, Nov 11, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. — For 83 years and counting the Omaha Star Newspaper — the state's only African-American-owned newspaper — is still standing, printing and is even offering full-service consumer printing services.

"There is no place to print in this community between 16th and Cuming and 72nd & Fort, so we have been very busy and look to be even busier," said Terri Sanders, Publisher of the Omaha Star Newspaper.

There was a time when the subscription numbers started to dwindle but she says they are again on the rise. Along with offering printing services, they are offering notary services and selling books from Nebraska authors.

Thirty percent of Star's business is on the digital side but some people are rethinking the switch.

"Most of our subscribers still want a physical newspaper...hold it in their hands. We have even had people cancel their digital newspaper and go back to paper. It's just not the same," continued Sanders.

They are working on adding a new publication, the Omaha Star Magazine.

"That will be on the format off jet Magazine about that same size and it will feature culture, entertainment as the focus of that magazine and it will be published once a month," adds Sanders.

The newspaper is now a bi-weekly publication and they have never missed a publication date. To keep things running for another 80 plus years, along with the improvements she has made, she is now looking for a successor to take over when she retires

"I don't think that anyone is interested in inheriting an old tree, you need to have some new leaves on there," said Sanders.

If you are interested in talking about the future opening, visit the Omaha Star Newspaper at 2216 N. 24th St., or email Terri Sanders at

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