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Security National Bank creates new job position to focus on diversity

Posted at 2:37 PM, Aug 13, 2020

Madeline Moyer of Omaha is excited about her new job position. In July, she became the new Senior Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Security National Bank.

“It’s a new position for the bank, but it’s not a new focus,” says Moyer.

The new role will require Moyer to support staff and customers for the entire company, including the 13 branches in the metro.

“It’s become a priority, not that it wasn’t before, but it’s really moved up the top of everybody’s businesses, and so I will be working across all business units, whether that be commercial, or real estate, lending, the branches, the branch delivery. I will be working with every business unit on how we can strengthen those initiatives not only for our current talent, but our future talent that we will be looking for,” adds Moyer.

She says the creation of the new position shows her company and the country is realizing, the way to move forward is to do more. And with that, comes hiring someone with her expertise and talents, as well as hiring the first Latina for the position.

Moyer says, “If you look across all the United States, not just here in Omaha, Nebraska, it's the right time. The time has never been more critical for us to move forward. The time has never been more critical to listen to everybody - for all voices to be heard."

After all, Moyer says leadership starts at the top.

“I can't say it better than our chairman said, ‘We can do more and we can be better. It's not that we're broke, it's that we can do more,’” said Moyer.

For Moyer, her new title is a dream come true, and symbolizes decades of her hard work. She hopes this will be an inspiration to other minorities and encourages them to apply for leadership roles in the workplace, and for companies to invest more in diversifying staff.

“I think for me, every job that I've had prior to this experience - every life experience that I've been through has really prepared me for this job. Obviously I'm a minority. I entered the workforce at 15, started in banking at 17, so I cannot begin to put into words what this means for me."

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