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Unbound Konnect created to help local minority parents of autistic children

Program grew out of Parent University and the Community Learning Center
Posted at 6:55 PM, Oct 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-21 16:59:36-05

OMAHA, Neb. — Kiarra Morgan formed Unbound Konnect when her daughter was diagnosed with autism and she saw a gap when it came to services for minority families.

"She noticed I was struggling that day, I had just received the diagnosis," said Kiarra Morgan, Founder of Unbound Konnect.

Tameshia Harris, Director of Parent University said, "I could see the frustration in her, not knowing how to navigate being the mother of a child on the spectrum."

"She pulled me aside and said that, 'You are at the stage that you are mourning the expectations you are having for your daughter,' and I just burst into tears," said Morgan.

While there were resources out there, they did not provide all of the specific services that minority families need.

"I didn't know what to do, what to say. I went along this journey of trying to find resources, that were culturally inclusive but I wasn't having any luck," added Morgan.

While continuing her classes at Parent University, she attended a "Be Your Own Boss" session. After attending that course she created Unbound Konnect.

"It has turned my perspective for having a child with special needs totally, 360. Coming here to the Community Learning Center and being a part of Parent University has enabled me to build a stronger bond with my daughter. Starting my own organization, I see the differences in how one might parent their child and I am able to grasp that advice and better my relationship with my daughter," said Morgan.

She says the difference in her daughter has been amazing.

"She has progressed so much. Before her diagnosis she was not talking normally, it sounded kind of foreign and today she is speaking in perfect conversation and you can understand her. She has grasped social cues and personal boundaries, she is doing amazing in school and is a classroom leader," continues Morgan.

"We encouraged her to find her voice. I am so proud of her," said Harris. "That is the purpose of Parent University, to connect different parents, from different walks of life to provide additional resources and support to each other, be a support system to each other. She did exactly what we wished would happen with most families that join the program."

Lilly even has her own social media platform.

Unbound Konnect is having an event on Nov. 6 called What Autism looks Like for Black and Brown Communities. Visit the Unbound Konnect Facebook page for more information.

For more about Parent University, visit its website.

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