1st female to make touchdown in school's 125-year history receives gift from New England Patriots

Posted at 8:36 PM, Oct 24, 2022

Brockton High School football player McKenzie Quinn has become somewhat of a local celebrity after she became the first female to score a touchdown in her Massachusetts school's 125-year history.

She rushed a four-yard touchdown in the third quarter of an October 7th varsity game.

Her team won the game 50-7 allowing her to gain a huge win for the school and their history.

Quinn said, “I’ve always been like gritty, if that makes sense, like I have always been down in the dirt playing around, like I work on a farm.”

The news of her touchdown made its way to the New England Patriots who sent her a nice surprise.

New England Patriots team and owner Robert Kraft sent over a football for Quinn that said, “To the Mighty Quinn, A pat in the back to you and all who contributed to your historic TD! We love to see that you are having a ball pursuing your passions. Continued success. The Patriots are rooting for you! ‘We are all Patriots,'” Kraft wrote.

Quinn's assistant coach Matthew Campbell, said, “With her academics and her athleticism and her competitiveness, I think she could pretty much do what she wants, and I think colleges are going to be lining up to try and have her attend their school.”

Quinn is said to still be keeping up with her 5.0 gpa and her demanding football schedule.