3M to take up to $2.3 B hit, ending 'forever chemicals' in its production

3M Forever Chemicals
Posted at 9:23 PM, Dec 20, 2022

United States industrial products conglomerate 3M Co. announced on Tuesday that it has now set a deadline to halt all "forever chemicals," or PFAS, in the production of its products.

3M said in the announcement that it would stop the production of PFAS by 2025 for products it makes, from semiconductors to mobile phones and other industrial items.

These "forever chemicals" have been linked to various cancers, low birth weights and heart issues.

Shares for the company fell slightly on Wall Street following the significant deadline announced to change its operation — even though investors have urged the company to take action on the critical matter.

3M has faced mounting legal pressures over its effect on environmental damage linked to its products.

The company reportedly faces up to $2.3 billion in losses from ending output of PFAS.