77-year-old man dies after falling while attempting to take photo on Alpine summit

Austria Daily Life
Posted at 3:09 PM, Aug 23, 2022

Authorities in Germany say a 77-year-old man died after falling nearly 200 feet from the Austrian Alps as he was attempting to take a picture at the summit.

The Associated Press reported that law enforcement officials said the unidentified man hiked to the summit of Greitspitze, which is bout 9,400 feet above sea level on Sunday with his companion, a 63-year-old Spanish woman.

To mark the occasion of reaching the summit, the man took a picture of the woman next to the cross, the news outlet reported.

According to law enforcement, when the man took a step back to take another picture, he lost his balance and fell 197 feet down a rock face, the Associated Press reported.

The Associated Press reported that police said the man suffered fatal injuries.

Rescue crews were alerted by a witness who was also at the summit when the incident occurred, the news outlet reported.

According to the Associated Press, a police helicopter recovered the German man's body.