Affidavit: 2 guns, 1K rounds of ammunition found at Reinking's apartment

Posted at 1:11 PM, Apr 24, 2018

Multiple cell phones, scopes, two rifles and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition were found by police during a search of Travis Reinking's Antioch apartment. 

In an affidavit from Metro Nashville Police, detectives searched Reinking's Discovery at Mountain View apartment and took a number of items. The two rifles were a CZ 452-2EZKM .22 caliber and a Remington 30-06.

Police found hundreds of .22 caliber rifle bullets, 87 30-06 bullets, 30 .223 bullets, 29 .45 bullets and 43 .22 caliber bullets.

They also found four cell phones, two scopes, a notebook, a safe and several computers. 

The affidavit describes Reinking's apartment as a one-bedroom apartment. Police said he has been living there for three months. 

Inside of Reinking's truck that was left at the Waffle House, police found two checks made out to "Travis J. Rankins [sic]." Also, police found an iPod and a Buck Knife with a black sheath.

Assorted documents and papers were found in both the apartment and the truck, though what information they contain was not specified. Click here for the complete list of items found.

It's unclear what contents police found in Reinking's safe.

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