Argument between cyclists, moped riders devolves into punches at Denver park, video shows

Posted at 4:03 PM, Sep 16, 2019

DENVER — A dispute between cyclists and moped riders broke the stillness in an otherwise peaceful park on Saturday.

Eyewitness video shows the fight began in Denver's Cheesman park over an apparent dispute over stop sign right-of-way.

Emotions escalated seconds later, and in the video, and the cyclists and mopeders pushed, yelled and threw punches.

People who regularly visit the park say they were shocked to see what had happened, while others say similar incidents have occurred throughout the city.

Denver police say both bicycles and mopeds have to follow the same rules as cars and stop and stop signs unless they're inside a protected green lane.

The right of way then belongs to whoever arrives at the stop sign first.

Police say they are looking into the incident.

This story was originally published by Ivan Rodriguez on KMGH in Denver.