Attorney explains why accused Waffle House killer is allowed bond

Posted at 10:55 PM, Apr 23, 2018

Travis Reinking was arrested and charged with four counts of criminal homicide in the Waffle House mass shooting in Tennessee. His bond was set for $2 million, but many were outraged by the fact that he was even given a bond.

According to Nashville attorney David Raybin, under Tennessee law, every criminal suspect, except those in death penalty cases, are entitled to a bond.

Prosecutors could still decide to seek the death penalty against Reinking, but that decision is a long way off from being made.

It is possible that someone either Reinking or his family could post the 10 percent or $200,000 with a bonding company and he could walk out of jail.

However, Raybin made it clear there is no way Reinking will get out on bond.

In the unlikely event the suspect makes bond, then several things could and would happen. The district attorney could immediately request a hearing to increase the bond to $3 or $4 million.

The district attorney could also ask the judge to put very onerous conditions on the bond such as house arrest, an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, 24-hour supervision, etc.

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