Baltimore senior accepted to all eight 8 Ivy League colleges

Posted at 7:18 PM, Apr 03, 2018

Imagine applying for the top colleges in the United States hoping to get accepted to at least one.

Well, that was the least of Mekhi Johnson's worries when applying for colleges this year. The Baltimore senior said that at six years old he heard a story on the radio about a student who was accepted to all of the Ivy League schools and knew that was his goal.

"I'm going to do that one day," said Johnson.

And on 'Ivy Decision Day' he learned that he finally made it a reality. 

Johnson, who attends the Gilman School in Batlimore, serves as the President of the Diversity Council, a member of the school's acapella group, school band, and an avid volunteer, all while being a National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Student with a 98.1 average.

More than 280,000 applicants applied to Ivy League schools last year. Out of that number, less than five of them were able to achieve acceptance by all eight colleges. 

Johnson is not only a 'goal getter' but he's the first Gilman student to achieve this distinction of acceptance.