Candy sales remain high, chocolate becoming treat of choice during pandemic

Posted at 10:56 AM, Sep 01, 2020

Eating more chocolate as the pandemic stretches on? You’re not alone. Sales data during the coronavirus pandemic has shown people are buying more snacks and sweet treats. The trend is continuing and appears to be skewing toward chocolate.

Americans are favoring chocolate over other kinds of candy according to data from the National Confectioners Association. Looking at sales from mid-March through early August, all candy sales are up 3.8 percent during this time period. Chocolate sales are up 5.5 percent, and premium chocolate sales are up 12.5 percent.

“Consumers appreciate and value chocolate and candy during these uncertain times because of their uncanny ability to boost moods and lighten perspectives, according to new data from NCA,” the organization said in their press release.

The trade organization representing the candy industry found that sales of sweet treats at grocery stores have grown by double-digits. Sales of candy in grocery stores have increased 16.6 percent during the pandemic, chocolate sales alone have increased 17.9 percent. Premium chocolate sales at grocery stores have increased 21.4 percent.

Data provided by the National Confectioners Association based on their research.

The appeal of snacks and sweets during the pandemic has been trending up during the pandemic. Mondelez International data from April reported 25% of consumers indulged in chocolate. Mondelez is the company behind Oreos, Toblerone and Cadbury, to name a few of their sweeter offerings.

In July, many candy companies were reporting strong sales figures. During the second quarter of 2020, roughly March through June, people bought $3.7B worth of chocolate. That’s a 6.3 percent increase from the same time period last year, according to Nielsen.

With Halloween and winter holidays coming, chocolate and sweet treats will likely continue to be an item in shopping carts, virtual or in-person.