Catholic Diocese in Ohio releases names of clergy accused of sexual abuse

Catholic Diocese in Ohio releases names of clergy accused of sexual abuse
Posted at 10:53 AM, Oct 30, 2018

The Catholic Diocese of Youngstown released a list of names Tuesday of clergy personnel credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor and who were reported to authorities.

After a thorough investigation, Bishop George V. Murray, S.J., accepted the accusations as credible, according to the news release sent by the diocese.

“I am very sorry that the Church has failed to act aggressively to eliminate this evil.  I humbly ask forgiveness from the victims and their families for the grave mistakes the Church has made," said Bishop Murray in the release.

Through the investigation, Bishop Murray said, “that as painful as the process of voluntary disclosure of names is for parishioners where these men served, this is one way that we can offer support and dignity to the survivors of clergy sexual abuse and their families.”

The following is a list of clergy members who had credible, substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor made against them, according to the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown:

  • Robert Burns
  • Thomas Crum
  • Anthony Esposito
  • Richard  Evritt
  • James Fondriest (deceased)
  • Ernest Formichelli (permanent deacon)
  • Paul Gubser (deceased)
  • John Hammer
  • Robert Hill  (deceased)
  • Thomas Kelly  (deceased)
  • Donald Oser (deceased)
  • Robert Reidy
  • John Ryan (deceased)
  • Robert Sabatino  (deceased)
  • Louis Santucci
  • John Schmidt (deceased)
  • William Smaltz
  • John Warner
  • Francis Zapitelli  (deceased)

The following were accused of sexual abuse of minor after they died:

  • Joseph Bennett
  • John P. Cunningham
  • Gerald Curran
  • Joseph Galganski
  • Henry Gallagher
  • John Gallagher
  • James Hennessey
  • John Lyons
  • John Parillo

The following clergy are from Religious Orders while serving for the diocese that were accused of sexual abuse:

  • Gerald Dupont, OP
  • Donald Marrokal, CR (deceased)
  • Giles Nealen, OSB (deceased)

Robert Castelucci, along with Anthony Cipola, who has since died, were accused of sexual abuse while serving in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh and subsequently resided in the area of the Diocese of Youngstown following the allegations.

If you are a victim of clergy sexual abuse or know someone who is, you are urged to make direct contact with law enforcement.