Chiefs Super Bowl run brings joy for fan facing terminal illness

Posted at 7:49 PM, Jan 20, 2020

While the Kansas City Chiefs' run to the Super Bowl has brought plenty of excitement to fans, the team’s success has also provided special moments for a man facing a terminal illness and his family.

Ed Titus has cheered for the Chiefs ever since their early days and can remember when the team won its only Super Bowl.

“I loved Otis Taylor, Bobby Bell and of course Hank Stram,” he said. “I cheered for them before Arrowhead and pretty much all along.”

This season, cheering for the team in the playoffs has taken on a whole new meaning.

Six months ago, Titus was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Following the diagnosis, he has tried to savor every moment.

“I won’t be around next year, but I’m just enjoying what I got right now,” he said. “To get up in the morning is a major victory.”

With the team now having one of its most successful seasons ever, Titus and his family have found joy during a tough time.

In the living room at his home, Titus and his wife created a shrine of Chiefs items he has collected over the years.

A signed Patrick Mahomes picture sits near the fireplace, joined by a new AFC Champions T-shirt, confetti, multiple hats and other souvenirs.

“I’m surprised that my wife let us keep that up until after we win the Super Bowl,” he said, laughing. “She’s one to keep it super clean.”

Titus’ wife has stuck by his side every day through the journey, and then some.

During the big Chiefs games this postseason, the two have been surrounded by other family members to cheer on the team.

“I think it helps us all because it gives us something to focus on and to be able to enjoy together,” his wife, Deannie, said. “It’s going to make some really good memories.”

For others, like Titus' hospice team, the impact of the Chiefs run can easily be seen.

“It gives him something to look forward to,” said Colleen Tali of Harbor Hospice. “It gives them something to talk about with their family. It gives them reason to gather together. It gives them that spirit to try to continue to fight to see that last moment.”

With the Super Bowl now getting closer, Titus plans to keep savoring every moment with his family.

As he hopes for a championship, he has cherished being able to cheer for his team one last time.

“I’m just hanging in there as long as I can,” he said. “This is the one I’m waiting for.”

This article was written by Tom Dempsey for KSHB .