Chipotle to use avocado pits to dye new clothing, accessories line

Chipotle to use avocado pits to dye new clothing, accessories line
Posted at 4:17 PM, Aug 03, 2020

Avocado pits as a dye? Well, that's precisely what Chipotle Mexican Grill is going to use on their new clothing and accessories line Chipotle Goods.

According to a news release that was released Monday, the company will use the pits that are leftover from some of their restaurants that will be "upcycled" to create "natural avo dyed goods."

"We know people are looking to celebrate their passion for Chipotle, and we set out to create a line of products with the same thoughtfulness, care, and attention to detail that we use in our kitchens," said Chris Brandt, Chipotle chief marketing officer in the news release. "With Chipotle Goods, our fans can get quality items that support sustainable agriculture and represent our mission of cultivating a better world."

The gender-neutral collection will feature items like avocado lined jean jackets, avocado dyed t-shirts and sweatshirts, graphic tees that are customizable, which will allow fans to "select their ingredients as they do in the restaurant."

To create the plant-based dye, the company said the pits would be simmered in water.

The stains will vary in color, the company said.

"Each unique piece from the avo dyed collection requires five avocado pits, equivalent to five orders of guac, depending upon the season and size of the fruit," the fast-food chain said in the release.

The line will be released to the general public on Tuesday and can be accessed by going to