Climate activists reportedly glue themselves to dinosaur exhibit

Museum of Natural History Berlin Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton
Posted at 2:37 PM, Oct 31, 2022

A dinosaur exhibit in Germany was the latest target for climate protesters.

According to The Associated Press, the two women superglued themselves to poles holding up dinosaur skeletons at Berlin’s Natural History Museum on Sunday.

“Unlike the dinosaurs, we hold our fate in our own hands,” one of the protesters said, The Associated Press reported. “Do we want to go extinct like the dinosaurs, or do we want to survive?”

Police reportedly released the women from the poles. According to Reuters, the museum had filed a criminal complaint for trespassing and property damage.

The demonstrations come amid a wave of strange protests from climate protesters across Europe. Climate protesters have targeted several famous works of art in the past few weeks. They have thrown mashed potatoes on a $110 million painting at a German museum. A week prior, protestors in London threw tomato soup at a Vincent van Gogh piece.

It's unclear whether the protests will garner any real action. However, it's clear they are getting attention across the world.