Prepping for coronavirus in Sarpy and Cass Counties

Posted at 11:05 PM, Mar 10, 2020

SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (KMTV) — There aren't any reported cases in Sarpy County, but the county is already taking steps to prepare for possible spread.

Sarpy/Cass County Public Health Director Sarah Schram told county board members Tuesday that now is the time for pandemic planning.

She said the health department is working with communities to ensure they have plans in place for any kind of outbreak, not just the coronavirus.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, Schram explained the disease and how it's spread person to person.

She told 3 News Now the health department is actively monitoring 50 residents who recently traveled to areas of concern.

The health department is following the CDC’s guidelines -- so those areas include Iran, South Korea, China and Italy.

The department is also offering support for people who attended the Special Olympics game in Fremont.

Plattsmouth Schools in Cass County are closed through Thursday.

The health department is also providing guidance to local health care providers and clinics.

"It's important to be prepared and to understand what the signs and symptoms are of COVID-19, and yet also to remember though, we are still in the middle of a pretty aggressive influenza season... and so just really remembering all those non pharmaceutical interventions,” said Schram.

Schram told county leaders it's important for people to practice common sense hygiene. Keeping hands clean and coughing into a tissue and rather than your elbow.

She's also urging people to disinfect high touch areas like tabletops and doorknobs.

Schram said people can find additional information about the coronavirus and what Sarpy County is doing on the DHHS website.

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