Snow days replaced with remote learning days in country's largest school district

Posted at 9:21 AM, Sep 16, 2020

Sorry, kids — snow days are off the table for the upcoming academic year in New York City.

If there's snow in the forecast, students will learn from home, according to New York State Education Department guidance. School also won't be canceled for any other kind of inclement weather. The city usually builds at least one snow day into the year's academic calendar.

Education Department spokesman Nathaniel Styer said there will also be remote instruction on Election Day.

“As we reopen schools for this critical school year, we are utilizing all of the lessons learned from remote schooling this spring to maximize our students’ instructional time," Styer said.

Virtual orientation started Wednesday for thousands of students in New York City. On Monday, most school buildings will reopen with a blended learning schedule.

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