Costco to resume normal shopping hours

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Posted at 11:51 AM, Mar 14, 2022

Costco announced Monday that it will resume normal shopping hours on April 18.

The company had offered special hours for older members, health care workers and first responders during much of the pandemic.

"This improved social distancing, which many people appreciated, but it added cost and complexity to our business," Costco said in a statement.

Costco cited most areas lifting COVID-19 restrictions for its decision to resume normal shopping hours.

COVID-19 infections have dramatically fallen off in the U.S. since the omicron surge in December and January.

The U.S. is reporting just over 37,000 infections a day, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In the middle of January, the U.S. was reporting more than 400,000 new infections a day.